How to Help Your Community with George Butch Saunders

One of the most important things that George Butch Saunders believes that a person can do is to contribute time and energy to charitable works. George Butch Saunders is a man of faith himself and his major charitable endeavors are through faith-based outlets, but George Butch Saunders wants to assure everybody that whether you work through a church-based group or not, everybody can take the time and energy to volunteer. Here are some tips from him.

If you do have a religion, try that first. George Butch Saunders volunteers with Lump to Laughter, which is a Christian-based ministry for those suffering from breast cancer. He has also done mission trips abroad. No matter what your faith is, it is likely that they would love to have a helping hand!

Focus on your interests. George Butch Saunders works with Lump to Laughter mainly due to his fiancée Nikki Simpson’ brush with breast cancer. If you have a certain subject that you are passionate about, try to find volunteer opportunities around that!

Focus on your talents. If you’re a web designer, likely a charitable organization could use your skills for a site redesign. If you are a carpenter, Habitat for Humanity would adore you. if you have a practical skill that could be used by an organization, remember to offer your services!

Check at a local school. Most local schools could use volunteers to help with the children or help run special events. They may also be hooked into other organizations that could use some help.

George Butch Saunders believes that one of the most important things to remember when it comes to charity is to find something that you are passionate about. If you are passionate about your charitable endeavors, you will continue to work hard at it and it won’t even seem difficult!


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