Believing in the Power of Charity: George Butch Saunders

George Butch Saunders enjoys a reputation as one of the most highly respected people in the North Carolina real estate industry. He is a partner in several real-estate related companies, and works hard to ensure that his reputation for professionalism and success remains unparalleled. However, there is something that George Butch Saunders considers more important than professional success; being a charitable individual.


There are many reasons why George Butch Saunders believes that charity is important. First of all, he is a Christian and his faith places high emphasis on the power of charity and giving to your neighbor. George Butch Saunders considers this very important and wants to live up to the tenants of his religion. He also believes that, no matter what a person’s faith is, it’s important to work hard to better the life of the community around you. After all, the more people that pitch in, the better the community is for everybody.


The ‘community’ doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to the place where an individual lives. For instance, George Butch Saunders works with Lump to Laughter, which is a Christian ministry dedicated to assisting individuals who have breast cancer. This community has special meaning to George Butch Saunders, since his fiancée Nikki Simpson is a breast cancer survivor. Contributing to the community does a lot of good for everybody involved.


George Butch Saunders also goes on occasional mission trips. He has been to Nicaragua with Save a Generation. He believes that extending a helping hand to those who live in developing countries is extremely important. George Butch Saunders believes himself to be a good man at heart, and he makes sure that this is not just an idle boast by working hard and contributing great amounts of his time and money to charitable causes he holds close to his heart.


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