Loving North Carolina: George Butch Saunders

George Butch Saunders has good reason to love his home state of North Carolina. As an individual who has worked within the North Carolina real estate business for many years, it is no surprise that George Butch Saunders has many good things to say about North Carolina in general, and always loves to espouse the benefits of living and working in this great state.

George Butch Saunders has worked as a partner at Re/Max Essential Wilmington, Surf City, and Monkey Junction. He has also worked as a partner in Essential Rental Management Company in Wilmington, a partner in Port City Home Maintenance, and a single member manager in GES Properties LLC. With all of this experience within the North Carolina real estate market, it’s no surprise that George Butch Saunders is a big advocate of North Carolina.

There are many things to love about North Carolina. First of all, the state has a reputation for being very friendly. There are few places in the country that are friendlier than North Carolina, at least according to George Butch Saunders. Secondly, there are many different places of natural beauty within the state for visitors and locals to enjoy all year around. There are also many wonderful colleges in North Carolina, like North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and also Duke. This means that there is a lot of collegiate pride in the air, and few things are more fun than enjoying a sports rivalry with a fellow college; George Butch Saunders can’t get enough!

For those who are looking for a new and wonderful locale to set up either house or business, George Butch Saunders can’t recommend North Carolina enough. This state has much to offer in terms of the friendliness of its people, the beauty in the geography, and the high school spirit that permeates the state.


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