Missions Abroad with George Butch Saunders

George Butch Saunders prides himself on giving back to his community. He volunteers his time with Lump to Laughter, a Christian ministry that helps breast cancer sufferers and survivors. He also works on various community projects throughout his community in North Carolina. However, George Butch Saunders doesn’t just believe that a community is a physical thing that is limited by the borders of land. He believes that there is a greater community across the world that needs tending to as well, which is why he went on a mission trip to Nicaragua with Save a Generation.


George Butch Saunders is a man of great faith and believes that dedicated servers in a mission trip can accomplish lots of good. A mission trip allows people like George Butch Saunders to get out into the world and explore the ways that others live, as well as how faith and charity can best serve those people. The rules of culture are different in Nicaragua as compared to the United States, and the language provided a barrier as well.  But one of the most important things that George Butch Saunders learned during his mission trip with Save a Generation is that smiles are a universal language all around.


“It was a very educational experience for me, working in Nicaragua,” George Butch Saunders says. “I went there with the expectation of serving others, which I did my best to fulfill… however, I think I might have accidentally gotten more out of the trip than what I gave, simply by virtue of the kindness and generosity I encountered from the Nicaraguans.”


For those who are considering something like a mission trip, George Butch Saunders highly recommends it. It changed his life for the better and gave him the chance to extend his travels to the international. For those who are looking to go abroad and also do some good, working with a mission organization like Save a Generation can be an excellent choice for those of faith.


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